Craenen BVBA

an international distributor of maps and travel guides, has been working for 20 years with Syscom, part of TheBrainGroup.

They use a broad range of software, hardware and services that Syscomcan offer.

For their main site in Herent, sales shop in Brussels and the sales people in England, they use a hybrid cloud solution. The application and data servers are local, while their email is hosted in the cloud. Via a secure VPN connection, they can access their ERP application (Silicon Master), accounting software (Silicon Financial) and other data.

The warehouse was recently equipped with a full-coverage WiFi installation, allowing the warehouse staff to do their picks and transmissions through scanners so that the Silicon Master is automatically up to date.

Craenen wants to confirm that, with the experience of 10 years of current operation, no issues were noted in the operation of Silicon Master or Silicon Financial.

A major advantage for Craenen is the flexibility that┬áSyscom┬ácan provide on those moments when Craenen’s needs require a consumer-oriented adaptation of the ERP!

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