Distribution sector:

In the distribution sector an efficient information system is crucial for the day to day operations.
TheBrainGroup is an IT partner who understands your needs. We take your ICT infrastructure to the heart and provide a tailored solution with the availability you want.

We are known for our integrated solutions where TheBrainGroup provides all services:

  • Server infrastructure or Cloud infrastructure (depending on your needs we search for the perfect mix)
  • Software solutions that are adapted to your industry:

ERP system (Silicon Master) with:

* Fully automated and integrated buying & selling chain.
* Multi-warehous localisations
* Barcoding (support for scanner guns, labelprinters, pickbons, ...)
* Ready for automatic interaction with your suppliers and or costumers via and EDI link

Accounting (Silicon Financial) with:

* Automatic booking of invoices created in the ERP
* Automatic tickoff after automatic reading of coda files from Isabel 6
* Extensive analytical capabilities

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