Purolator Advanced Filtration

originally started as “TransCanada Couriers, Ltd”. In 1967 it was acquired by a manufacturer in the United States that produces oil and air filters.

In 2014 Purolator acquired the Belgian company “Southwest Filtration” from Bekaert.

Syscom had serviced the ICT of “Southwest Filtration” since the early 198x, when Southwest was an independent company. When Southwest was bought by Bekaert to become the department ‘Bekaert advanced filtration’, Syscom took care of its integration in the Bekaert-network, and continued to service the ICT as the ‘local hand’ .When that department was itself sold to Purolator, Syscom again took care of that migration. Both the project management and technical implementation were realised by Syscom. After the successful migration in Belgium, the same was done in Indonesia.

In this way, Purolator can count on 30+ years of presence, continuity and experience in the factory, and on ALL the skills of Syscom including its audit and consultancy. In that context, the ERP-suite Silicon Master (from Silicon Brain) was successfully introduced and installed in the 199x, by syscom’s sister-in-TheBrainGroup Brainstorming. This software lived on through the Bekaert-era, and is again kept as ‘best suitable’ for the production-activity of the factory.

A beautiful example of the versatility, steadiness and skill-broadness of Syscomapproach.

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