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services enterprise-wide ICT for SME companies (including subsidiaries of larger organizations) throughout Belgium and is your ideal ICT partner.

Our INFRA department auditions (ICT audit), installs, and maintains cloud, network and server infrastructure with everything that goes with it (communication, tablets, desktops, laptops, local servers, cloud resources).

Our  SOFTWARE department auditions, consults, designs, installs and supports enterprise-wide ERP and accounting: Silicon Master, Silicon Financial, and should this be necessary for your business, we develop custom software or expansions.

We operate globally, but we are geographically local: We have offices in Brussels (Kap Evolution), Leuven (Syscom) and Liege (brainstorming).


Silicon Master Cactus

Silicon Master Cactus

The new Silicon Master edition, named Cactus, is launched in February. This is a complete new 32 -and 64-bit version. A new design, ergonomics and a high securitylevel are the keywords for this new release. This version is considered as a major improvement […]
Silicon Financial and Windows 10

Silicon Financial and Windows 10

Our ERP and accounting software package, Silicon Master and Silicon Financial, are ready for Windows 10. After extensive testing our applications in Windows 10 we can announce with certainty that you can make the transition to the new Microsoft operating […]
Server migration Afmech

Server migration Afmech

In the labo of Syscom, a complete infrastructure was set up to migrate the hosted Silicon Master to an on- site installation . Two Hyper -V servers provide a total of seven virtual servers that are responsible for : the Windows […]

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